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  1. mindiameter

    Sold Experimental Chemicals, Motors, Casting Sets - BALLS 31 Delivery

    All, Slowly exiting the hobby = reducing inventory. Items for delivery at BALLS 31. Remaining inventory posted on Yard Sale with shipping provided. CHEMICALS (2) x 1 gallon R45M Price: $100/ea (1) x 1 gallon R45HTLO Price: $80 (3) x 5 lbs AP 90 (reserved) Price: $50/ea 21 lbs AP 200...
  2. tOD

    Epoxying Pro 54 Forward Closure

    I recall seeing some posts about epoxying the forward closure on these motors, but can't seem to find them. I may try flying my first Pro 54 tomorrow and did notice there doesn't appear to be a great seal between the closure and the liner. I recall that people mentioned placing a bead of 5...