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  1. dirkDIRK

    xx Motor hardware and Unbuilt fiberglass kits

    Hello All, After a few shorts years and because of many factors I have decided to put rocketry on hold and sell some of my high power stuff to people willing to use and fly them as they are meant to be rather than sit in a corner looking sad and not built and flying. I have quite the hectic...
  2. lowga

    SOLD Madcow 4" Maddog 4XL 75mm Kit

    Decided to go another direction for my L3 certification. Building a 4" Mach 1 kit instead. That means that this beauty is surplus to my needs. Asking $275 which includes UPS Ground shipping to the 48 states. 75mm" and perfect for your L2 or L3 efforts...
  3. P

    Dr. Rocket 75-5120 complete motor $350

    I have a Dr. Rocket 75-5120 motor serial number 04-07 blue anodizing. I count 7 flights on it. It's in great condition. Case, seal disk, both closures. You pay shipping (about $25). I'm in Oregon. If interested email me at or call or text (971)285-6121.
  4. K

    xx Large amount of rocket items - Need help pricing

    I recently purchased a house and the previous owner was a rocket enthusiast. He had a lathe and made all sorts of stuff for rockets on it. He left all of his rockets and related items. I have no idea what there worth or if there outdated. I live in lake Zurich Il. If anyone could help me I would...
  5. S

    SOLD Monster Motors Reloadable Motor Systems - 54/1706

    I have lowered the price to $140 plus shipping OBO. The reason I would like to sell this is because I would like to purchase the 54/1280 case and eventually the 2800 case as well as the 54mm adapter set so that I can fly pretty much the full range of 54s in just the two casings. I have decided...
  6. Barry

    Eggtimer TRS GPS Tracker/Flt. Computer, LCD Receiver, and Eggfinder LCD-GPS Module FOR SALE

    I have Parkinson's, and purchased these components with the notion that another would assemble them and get them to work. Indeed, C. Erving provided the name of an individual that did that. That being said, I am having issues with the unit. I do not have the dexterity to hold the damn thing...
  7. Justin McMurry

    SOLD Entire Inventory of Quasar One Rockets Company

    Greetings all, I hope I'm doing this right! A few years back, I purchased the entire inventory and tooling for Quasar One Rockets from the owners of RC Country Hobbies in Sacramento, CA, with the intent to carry on the company. I used to love building these kits, and when I heard Chet and...