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  1. D

    Withdrawn Wanted: Fliskits Tres 24

    Their website says sold out. I'm happy to pay a modest premium and shipping (of course). Thank you! I'd like to have it built by Sod Blaster, coming up Sept 2.
  2. WillCarney

    Sold Withdrawn

    All withdrawn.
  3. 75Grandville

    Micro Maxx in a Time of Coronavirus - flyin' in the driveway! (Continued)

    This is the before shot. Also doubles as my entry in the "rockets you worked on during conference calls while working from home" thread. And "rockets I repaired after finding all of the pieces." And "rockets I completed after finding half a kit, kinda squished." Shout outs to: eRockets...
  4. mjennings

    Fliskits Triskilion Painting Template

    I bought my son a Triskilion form Fliskits when Jim was closing down. I can't remember if it was one of the kits that Jim had a pdf where you could draw your paint scheme. If so does anyone have a copy? Thanks
  5. KennB

    16th & Final Fliskits Anniversary Launch - 15 September 2018, Amesbury, MA

    It's that wonderful time of year again - the Fliskits Anniversary Launch. But it's also a melancholy event; Fliskits will be closing by the end of the year so this will be the last Fliskits Anniversary Launch. The festivities will include prize drawings, awards for most Fliskits launched and...