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  1. Sandvoxel

    Astrologix flight computers.

    Hi all! I've been putting together something pretty exciting and wanted to share it with you. I'm working on a flight computer that's designed with rocket hobbyists in mind. Here's a quick overview: - It's built to track flights up to 100K feet. - You can record details for up to 15 flights...
  2. Ulyu

    the Fluctus flight computer

    Hi everyone! You may have seen the "Fluctus" flight computer over the last few weeks. I'm the developer behind it. Fluctus is an all-in-one, advanced and versatile model of rocketry flight computer. It embeds all the features of a flight recorder, deployment altimeter, telemeter and gps...
  3. J

    Determining Orientation Off Vertical for Accelerometer Filtering Usage

    I'm working as part of my university's Spaceport team to develop a SRAD flight computer to assist with experiment control and future use with an airbrakes system for hybrid motors. We're looking to use a mix of baro + accel + GPS for state derivation, and one of the key points is trying to...
  4. Samygiy

    Dual Deployment Flight Computer w. Break wire support

    Hi all! I recently had an issue with an Eggtimer Quasar detecting a launch while still on the pad (probably not it's fault, it was abused quite a bit during the integration procedure). I'm looking for a flight computer that supports breakwire launch detect, however the ones I've been...
  5. Goof512

    Continuity Short/OKAY/Failure solution with High-Side Power Monitor

    Hey all, I'm relatively new here, I'm working on an ejection channel driver, and I realized that most continuity check systems in commercial dual-deploy systems would give a false positive on a short-circuit failure. This was kinda concerning to me, as I know wiring is rarely perfect, and I...
  6. deepfreeze

    Quaternion calculation help

    Hello guys, I am calculating quaternions from MPU6050 and it works mostly when i move it to roll and pitch but for round movement it drags out i think. Sorry for my bad explanation but i am attaching a video and my code. Can you check it please ? void GyroSignals() {...
  7. R

    AspireONE- New Kid on the block

    Hey Fellow Rocketry Geeks 🤓 I've recently joined this addiction and can't stop. I'm new to Rocketry but not new to electronics, programming and mechatronics. Rocketry allows me todo all of the above. I live in Canada and LPR is my only choice. But that should not be a limitation. As a result I...
  8. Sparrowhawk

    Question about sensor filtering

    Hi! I'm in the process of programming a flight computer that I developed from the ground-up, and I was curious if people had insight into the best ways to solve for rocket position and orientation. I've seen a lot of information on Kalman filtering, but as far as I can tell those algorithms...
  9. Alby

    Yard Sale of Altus Metrum Stuff (TeleMetrum, EasyMini TeleBT)

    I'm selling my flight computer gear, as personal finance issues have created a need for cash. As a result I've put my TeleMetrum, EasyMini, and TeleBT up for sale on eBay. The highest bidder wins. I will not accept "I'll Buy It For X" offers. Please put in your highest offer on eBay, as I...
  10. BremoSupremo

    Does anyone here have experience with LORA Radio for flight computers or the Meshtastic system?

    I recently purchased a device called a LILYGO T-Beam, which is a supposedly long range LORA communicator usually used for hikers outside cell networks to broadcast back their GPS location when they have no signal. It is based on the ESP32 architecture and is theoretically programmable to send...
  11. P

    MissileWorks RRC3 not recognized on laptop

    We're a student team trying to build a sounding rocket, for which we are using MissieWorks RRC3 as our primary flight computer. We have used the standard adapter given to connect it to our laptop. But as soon as I connect it to the laptop, it says "device malfunctioned". When I checked the...
  12. G

    Flight Computer

    Hello, We will participate in a rocket competition. We will ascend to 5000 feet altitude. We want to use a commercial flight computer in our rocket. We need to communicate with the rocket and receive various data (altitude pressure-temperature etc.). With this system, we also need to activate...
  13. Cameron Anderson

    Can someone identify this?

    Got this from a friend, he got it from one of his friends and had no idea what it is. Anyone have any info on it? If nothing else it's a cool piece to collect but I'd love to be able to fly it.
  14. U

    What to watch out for? (Rocket Flight Computer)

    Hello, thank you for your time. We are building a rocket for an upcoming rocketry contest. We want to prepare for every possible problem in the avionics department. If you could list some of the problems you can think of down below that would be much appreciated. If possible please leave links...
  15. JDcluster

    Sold G-Wiz LCX w/ D/L cable

    This a G-Wiz LCX ( can't remember if it has flown or not) Found it while looking for other items. This unit is capable of dual deployment and air-start/ stage on third channel. It has the download dongle, cable and software. It also comes with battery clips and jumper pins. PRICE lowered...
  16. B

    Rocket Software Tips/Advice

    Hey Rocketeers, I'm on a mission to write some software to control a small thrust vectoring mount. I need some tips and advice for writing flight software. Anyone know any good books videos or anything to help me on this quest??? Thanks!!!
  17. Gary Mac

    Flight Computers: Accelerometers vs Barometric Sensors

    I've got some experience with the basic eggtimer flight computer, which I understand is a barometric sensor based flight computer. I'm now working towards my L3 and needing to invest in a 2nd flight computer to meet the redundancy requirements. I've heard that for an L3-cert level flight...