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  1. L

    Fin Design

    I have a loc precision, Iris kit. The fins are flat on the top leading edge. Im curious if anyone sands down there fins to make them any more aerodynamic and to save weight?
  2. slow-mo.jpg


    Body tube damaged when fins pop off
  3. M

    Fin flutter software

    Hello, I'm designing my first supersonic rocket and I'd like to calculate the flutter of the fins. The formula in Technical Paper 4197 is only valid for subsonic. I'd like to know if anyone knows how and what documentation to read. I can't get aerofin sim, I've contacted the author but no...
  4. tg08

    Epoxies for HPR

    Hey, for a little information, I'm working on a level 1/hopefully level 2 rocket, and wanted to learn a little more about adhesives on the high powered rockets. I know I should use JB weld for high temperatures like the motor retainer ring, but what would you recommend for general construction...
  5. M

    Fin Specs for the LOC Precision's 3.1" Hawk Kit

    Does anyone know what the fin specs of LOC Precision's 3.1" Hawk Kit are? The kit is discontinued and I'm trying to DIY it...if anyone knows the length and measurements of this specific kits fins that would be great to know for my project. Thanks
  6. RocketRoll

    Beveling/airfoiling required for supersonic flight?

    Looking to start on a Wildman Blackhawk 29 and aiming for ~900 mph maximum velocity. I've beveled/airfoiled my fins in the past for flights at this speed, but it's a pain to do by hand and it's always tough to get consistent results. Out of curiosity, I simmed different fin cross-sections in...
  7. garlicsnapper

    Estes Executioner Plywood Fin Availability

    I see some sellers out there do clones of OOP kits or kit parts. Does anybody know of a business that sells plywood fin duplicates of the Estes Executioner kit?
  8. AtomicStorm

    3D Printing 3d printing a fin alignment guide

    I want you to post your best working 3d printed fin alignment guide design. Lets see what you got!
  9. Alan R

    Fillet question - is epoxy necessary on outside Fin-BT for G,H?

    Was watching the Zephyr build video, will be starting that build in a week or so. Tim puts epoxy fillets on the outside fin -> BT. For my 29mm builds I epoxy the inside parts (CR-MT, Fin-MT, CR-BT) but use wood glue fillets on the outside Fin-BT joint. Basically just faster, less messy, easier...
  10. K'Tesh

    Found Original Cherokee-D (K-47)(Two Piece Fin Construction) Instructions

    In a recent post on the subject of the Cherokee-D, rocketguy101 posted a .pdf of a Cherokee D fin pattern (with the image seen below) that is meant to be cut from balsa stock that is too narrow to have the fins made from a single piece of balsa. I've never seen any instructions that mention...
  11. M

    Rounding or Knife Edging G12 Fins

    Has anyone had any luck Rounding or Knife Edging G12 Fins using a router table and bit?? Is the G12 too brittle for this? thanks Mark
  12. Anthony Claiborne

    Spin Fins

    Way back when, I believe the Estes Designer's Special had a set of plastic fins on a fin can that fit around a smaller body tube. These particular plastic fins were canted, so that a rocket with these fins would spin along its main axis as it flew. I am looking for a set of canted plastic fins...
  13. BackSeatBryce

    Need Input on my 3" Min Diameter Project

    Hey everyone, I'm working on a 3" min diameter rocket, and overall I'm feeling pretty good about the design, but I have a few questions. A screenshot of the rocket is below, and I'll attach the OpenRocket file as well. 1. A friend suggested that I move the fins a bit forward to maybe 1" or...
  14. Ryaer

    Subsonic G-I rocket

    Hello, this is my first time posting, please inform me if this is the wrong place. I'm working on building my first scratch built rocket, and I have a few questions. Firstly, I'm building motors for it. I'm very aware of the dangers of this and treat those motors like nitro. Anyways, I'm putting...
  15. Ben Martin

    3D Printing Free 3D printed fin can design for HPR

    I am releasing the design file and 3D model for a fincan I design for high powered rockets. Everyone is free to use the design and change it to meet their needs. If you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to post them in the replies. Link to design file and 3D model...
  16. S

    Fin Size Issues in Open Rocket

    Hi all, I am currently designing my own level 2 rocket and I am having issues finding a proper fin size that works. I have read that generally you want your fins to have a root length of 2 calibers, a tip length of 1 caliber, and a height of 2 calibers When I add fins of this size to my...
  17. I

    >Mach 5 Fins

    Regarding materials and geometric shape, How would you mount 3 fins on a tube such that they can rotate in position (for steering) yet be securely mounted to withstand Airspeed of Mach 5?
  18. L

    Sold Aluminum Fins

    These were surplus from (I believe) Hughes aircraft. $75 (OBO!) (plus $17 shipping anywhere in the US) for the lot of 37. 12 do not have the gaskets along the inner edges. They are 2.95mm thick before the taper, not sure of the Al grade, but they are skookum!