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  1. D

    Layering of Createx Candy20

    I am looking to do a two-tone metallic candy finish on an Estes StarOrbiter. Yellow body color, deep red nosecone fading out to the yellow body color about half way to the fins. Presumably, some transition through red-orange in the middle as the colors overlap. Base color will be the...
  2. Joekeyo

    Why Prime?

    Many of us BARS did not prime our rockets on our first round of rocketry back in the 60's, 70's etc. I never noticed any paint flaking off or other problems that I would associate with not using primer. My understanding is that the main purpose of primer is to help paint adhere to surfaces...
  3. E

    How does CWF & dope compare?

    When I read about filling and smoothing balsa on the internet these days, what I see is that everyone uses Carpenter's Wood Filler or some equivalent, thinned down with water. Back in the 70's, when I was a teen building model rockets, the recommendation was to use dope sealant/filler on balsa...