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  1. lowga

    Estes Vapor For Dual-Deploy

    Interested in hearing from anyone who might have constructed an Estes Vapor #7294 for dual-deploy recovery. I have an eye towards building one to allow for more practice with dual deploy at our club's field, which is currently low and mid-power only. I know I'll need to construct an AV bay, and...
  2. K

    3D Printing OpenSCAD Fin Can Generator

    Several people have posted fin can generators. Most of them cannot generate round fillets. I thought, "How hard can that be?" Well, two weeks later I finally have something to share! The attached script lets you design fin cans. A "fin" is composed of up to three trapezoidal, simple fins...
  3. deadalus52

    3D printed fin "mounts" in a level 3 cert rocket

    I'm in the design phase of my level 3 certification. The base airframe will be a LOC Bruiser EXP. Unfortunately, I think my kit was a mixed bag between versions which means my fin situation looks like this: This obviously isn't ideal. Now, I do have a 3D printer, and the obvious solution to me...
  4. lowga

    Additive Aerospace 38mm Fin Can Supersonic

    I'm working on a project--and hoping to fly it at Bama Blastoff II in October. I'm trying to build a mach-capable rocket using a carbon fiber airframe, and a 3-D printed 38mm fin can from Additive Aerospace. My experience with 3-D printed components is limited to low power flights. If it...