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  1. Alan R

    Fillet question - is epoxy necessary on outside Fin-BT for G,H?

    Was watching the Zephyr build video, will be starting that build in a week or so. Tim puts epoxy fillets on the outside fin -> BT. For my 29mm builds I epoxy the inside parts (CR-MT, Fin-MT, CR-BT) but use wood glue fillets on the outside Fin-BT joint. Basically just faster, less messy, easier...
  2. W

    US Composites Epoxy

    I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on US Composite's epoxy for my Wildman Punisher 3 build. Mainly, I just want to know which resin and hardener I should get for fin fillets. The medium hardener seems to be the one recommended by US Composites, but then should I use the thick...
  3. B

    Beyond glue fillets

    I’m starting to move from low-power to mid-power. I’m also trying to make my low-power rockets (mostly exotic space-themed) more professional. Lastly I want my scale models to look clean. Is Rocketpoxy too much for lpr and mpr fin fillets? Is there a step beyond wood glue or elmer’s I should...