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  1. tg08

    Epoxies for HPR

    Hey, for a little information, I'm working on a level 1/hopefully level 2 rocket, and wanted to learn a little more about adhesives on the high powered rockets. I know I should use JB weld for high temperatures like the motor retainer ring, but what would you recommend for general construction...
  2. H

    Can PVA-based caulk in internal fillets hold up to high temperatures?

    I've got some Polyseamseal Tub & Tile adhesive caulk I want to try out on my rocket for the first time to make a fillet. The caulk is apparently polyvinyl acetate based. I would be using the caulk to secure a through the wall fin to a motor mount tube containing a F-class motor. My concern is...
  3. W

    US Composites Epoxy

    I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on US Composite's epoxy for my Wildman Punisher 3 build. Mainly, I just want to know which resin and hardener I should get for fin fillets. The medium hardener seems to be the one recommended by US Composites, but then should I use the thick...