1. Frosty_Burrito

    Sold For Sale: Glass Tow and PVC Mandrels.

    My team recently got rid of our old winder and have lots of Fiberglass tow as well as PVC mandrels left over. We do not have any info about them as the members in charge of the winding projects are gone, so we are selling it all as is. I am happy to take more pictures, but we have a good 10-12...
  2. T

    Adapt a Cardboard BT to use it as a Coupler

    Hi fellow rocketeers, I hope you're doing great out there. I'm having trouble finding different sizes of cardboard tubes to use them as BT but I have found some. The problem comes when, because of the limited variety of diameters, I can't buy cardboard tubes that fit neatly into the BT and serve...
  3. Alby

    Sanding/Painting: Filament wound fiberglass nosecone

    So I've purchased a filament wound fiberglass nosecone from Wildman Rocketry. My question is what's the best technique to sand and paint this nosecone? I'm going to assume Eye Protection and Lung Protection, because fiberglass in your eyes or lungs is not good. I'm curious about what grit...
  4. Gary Mac

    SR71 High Power Fiberglass Kit

    Years ago, I saw a large 6”(?) tube based SR71 fiberglass rocket kit for sale for several hundred dollars. Might have had a 75mm motor mount, but I haven’t seen once since. Does anyone know anything about them? I haven’t been able to find any mention of them, but I’d love to recreate one if...
  5. hotwings

    MAC Performance 6" Blackfly Build

    Following up on my last build of the 4" Blackfly from Mike, I've just started a 6" Build. I'm building this with a no-expense-spared attitude, and my aim is to methodically hone in my build skills, and at the end, have a durable airframe I can fly lots... Well, that is the plan! Let's see how it...
  6. Brian-Tampa

    Super DX3 - Finally Finished!

    Finally finished my latest build, Madcow Super DX3 Fiberglass. 2 months plus project. Set up for single deployment. Height: 69" Width: 12" Weight: 128 oz dry 4" Air Frame Set up for either 54 or 38mm motors, I lengthened the motor tube to handle longer motors. Also added an extra centering ring...
  7. mperegrinefalcon

    Sold 2 Brand new kits

    Hey all, I am selling off these last 2 kits. Both sim files are attached. These are both designed by me and were test fitted to insure perfect fit. Both sims attached. The Delta sim is the mass of mine completed, I have not completed the Having A Blast yet, so no finished weight on that one yet...
  8. swatkat

    Build Thread: New Mach 1 Rocketry Kit, the Nemesis! 54mm BT.

    With all the rainy weather and lack of any high power launches this year for Northern California (last one was Dec. 2018) I've had a LOT of time to build some high power birds. Hoping to have TEN new high power vehicles ready for next weekend's LUNAR launch. Steve has a few new kits and these...
  9. jahall4

    Your experience certifying L3 with a 4” (or smaller) fiberglass rocket…

    Interested in hearing your experience certifying L3 with a 4” (or smaller) fiberglass rockets… Success, failures, caveats, etc... Thx
  10. W

    Copying a Kit

    I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on this. I've been flying a LOC/Precision IV for a bit now and I love the rocket. However, I think I'm ready to move on to my level 2 certification, but I also don't want to spend $300 on a kit. Right now I am planning on copying the LOC IV kit...
  11. J

    Painting CF, FG, and ABS Airframe

    Hi all, I've never done a spray paint job with any sort of precision before, so I hope you'll excuse that I don't know a lot. I just want to be as informed as possible to do as close to perfect a job as I can. My team has a 12ft long rocket with a 7.78" diameter fore section that transitions to...
  12. Fattbank64

    Found Madcow Fiberglass 2.6" V2

    I'm looking for the above kit. It has been discontinued and would prefer a complete kit.
  13. M

    Help IDing CF vs Fiberglass?

    The other day, I was generously donated some spare 4" body tubes (and one coupler) for building an L1/L2 bird. However, I'm not entirely sure what they're made of, and because they're black, they don't photograph too well. Things I know: They're from Madcow Rocketry. They're 60" long and 4"...
  14. lowga

    BT-80 Fiberglass Airframe Available?

    I'm looking for a fiberglass airframe for a reproduction that I'm doing of an Estes kit. Need a BT-80 sized airframe. Google searches are not turning up much.
  15. FalconRocketry

    Falcon Rocketry Grand Opening Sale!!!!

    Falcon Rocketry is having a grand opening sale now that all products are in stock! To celebrate and mark the beginning of our journey providing high quality fiberglass rocket kits, we decided reduce prices on all items by 15%! This sale lasts from November 15-22 (Thanksgiving Day) or until...
  16. Cameron Anderson

    Experiences with 2.6" Madcow Blue Iguana?

    I'm looking at picking up this kit for my primary 54mm motor mount flyer...anyone experience with this kit specifically?
  17. deadalus52

    Going supersonic with easyglas'd LOC tube

    Hey there, everyone I just confirmed a bird I'm building may be light enough to break the sound barrier on an L1000! However, I'm concerned about the structural integrity of my building material. I have no doubt everything will hold up to the acceleration, but I'm concerned about the pressure...
  18. C

    Sold 7.5" Nike Smoke Fiberglass Nosecone

    Hi Everyone! I haven't had the pleasure of using this one. I see Performance Rocketry is out of stock. Anyone interested? Would be happy to provide a pic. Thanks for checking this out!
  19. lowga

    Mach 1 Rocketry on the Rocketry Show Podcast

    Listened last night to the owners of Mach 1 Rocketry who were guests of The Rocketry Show podcast. Even though they are based here in Alabama, and both leaders in our NAR Section, I...
  20. W

    How Much Fiberglass Should I Use?

    I'm currently building a high performance 38mm, 56" tall rocket. This project will be my first time fiber glassing an air frame and fiber glassing fins tip to tip. I'm using Public Missiles phenolic tubes for the body. So how many times should I wrap the body with 3oz or 10oz fiberglass weave if...