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  1. lowga

    Sold Mach 1 Firehawk 54 TSR

    Rare kit for sale. Mach 1 Rocketry Firehawk 54 TSR fiberglass kit. Not sure how many were made by the original version of Mach 1 Rocketry, but they are rare. Includes would-filament nose cone with steel tip. Forged eyebolts, pre-cut fin slots in fiberglass body for it's unique split-fin design...
  2. lowga

    Sold Madcow 2.2" Fiberglass Tomach

    For sale, Madcow Rocketry 2.2" Tomach fiberglass rocket kit. Unbuilt, NOS in the original shipping box. This rocket is a screamer, and easy to build. It retails new for $169.95, but I'll sell this one for $125 including shipping to the...
  3. Skywriter

    Four-inch High-Power Two-stage Fiberglass Nike-Apache for Sale

    SOLD This is an all composite, very high-performance kit. This is a sport scale model of the Thiokol Nike Apache. This is not an all-inclusive kit as it does not contain any recovery hardware. While the low part count and fin construction can almost place this rocket in the E2X class, don't be...
  4. dirkDIRK

    xx Motor hardware and Unbuilt fiberglass kits

    Hello All, After a few shorts years and because of many factors I have decided to put rocketry on hold and sell some of my high power stuff to people willing to use and fly them as they are meant to be rather than sit in a corner looking sad and not built and flying. I have quite the hectic...