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  1. J

    Featherweight Datalog Velocity Units

    I recently flew a Featherweight GPS tracker with my university team up to ~7,000 feet and while reviewing the logs, noticed an interesting quirk in the flight data. In both the ground station and the tracker logs, the vertical velocity measurement seems abnormally high. Our estimated maximum...
  2. RocketRoll

    Charger for Featherweight GPS?

    Can anyone who has a Featherweight comment on what charger they use and if this seems like a good charger? The charger on the Featherweight website does not provide a readout for current voltage and I don't see a way to use it to charge the battery to the proper long-term storage charge (~40%)...
  3. A-N-D-R-E-W

    Sold Featherweight GPS Tracker/Ground Station

    Hello TRF, I'm going through some rocket things and will be thinning some stuff out. I have a Featherweight GPS unit for sale. Ground Station, Tracker, Batteries for both, and a charging cable for the ground station. Asking $210 shipped USPS Flat Rate Box. Would prefer Paypal for payment if...
  4. M

    Where can I mount a GPS other than the nose cone?

    So I have a Featherwight GPS and I'm wanting to mount it to a Darkstar Jr.. Issue being that I've already Epoxied the nose cone bulkhead in place and I don't have the parts to do any modifications to the nose cone between now and the next month or so because I am transitioning between jobs but I...
  5. DizzyUnicorn

    Help wiring Blue Raven Alt

    Hello. I am trying to wire up this Blue Raven and a little confused on how to connect 3 of the leads. I have attached the Blue Raven wiring diagram, my drawing of the current state and a picture of how this is setup in my electronics bay. Specifically, my question is how/where to connect the...
  6. macking

    Long Range GPS Tracking

    Hello, I am new both on the forum and into rocketry so apologies if I make any mistakes! I am working on developing the GPS recovery system for my rocketry club and have been considering two options 1) Developing my own tracking system & ground station 2) Buying out-of-the-box solutions For...
  7. T

    Running Featherweight Interface Program on Mac?

    Heyo, new member here! I've managed to get ahold of a raven 4 altimeter, however I'm finding it difficult to program it with only a macbook. I'm trying to run the FIP on an M1 Macbook Pro using Parallels, even using the built in function to add the USB port as a serial port, and it doesn't seem...
  8. J

    Featherweight Raven 4 & GPS Specs

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into application of Featherweight's Raven 4 and GPS Tracker for a rocket with a threshold altitude of 100 km/330,000 ft. I have read their respective web pages and user manuals religiously, but still had a couple of questions for each. Raven 4 What is its power...
  9. M

    Spin recovery concept and build thread

    Hopefully the title says it all, I'm wanting to build a lateral spin recovered rocket in the style of a mosquito. Assuming I can get some quirks worked out this will turn into a build thread. In the attached .ork files I have added a tube coupler, overridden to have the mass of empty engine...
  10. Cameron Anderson

    Can someome identify this Raven 4 component?

    Anyone know what this is on the Raven 4 and/or what it does? I bought some cheap lipo connectors and the polarity was crossed on some of them so when hooked up power for a wiring test, my e-matches blew and the piece pictured popped clean off the circuit card. I corrected the polarity and got...
  11. Cameron Anderson

    Raven 4 battery choice

    First flight with a Raven 4 and space is at a premium...manual says 3.7 lipo is okay, but I generally prefer more voltage. 7.4v lipo won't fit and 9v is impossible unless the rocket wears it as a hat. Any good or bad 3.7 Lipo Raven 4 experiences? I'm building my electronics sled right now and...