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  1. M

    Spin recovery concept and build thread

    Hopefully the title says it all, I'm wanting to build a lateral spin recovered rocket in the style of a mosquito. Assuming I can get some quirks worked out this will turn into a build thread. In the attached .ork files I have added a tube coupler, overridden to have the mass of empty engine...
  2. Cameron Anderson

    Can someome identify this Raven 4 component?

    Anyone know what this is on the Raven 4 and/or what it does? I bought some cheap lipo connectors and the polarity was crossed on some of them so when hooked up power for a wiring test, my e-matches blew and the piece pictured popped clean off the circuit card. I corrected the polarity and got...
  3. Cameron Anderson

    Raven 4 battery choice

    First flight with a Raven 4 and space is at a premium...manual says 3.7 lipo is okay, but I generally prefer more voltage. 7.4v lipo won't fit and 9v is impossible unless the rocket wears it as a hat. Any good or bad 3.7 Lipo Raven 4 experiences? I'm building my electronics sled right now and...