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  1. J

    Featherweight Raven 4 & GPS Specs

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into application of Featherweight's Raven 4 and GPS Tracker for a rocket with a threshold altitude of 100 km/330,000 ft. I have read their respective web pages and user manuals religiously, but still had a couple of questions for each. Raven 4 What is its power...
  2. TheBru

    Featherweight GPS Tracker Not Showing in iFIP

    I recently purchased a featherweight GS and Tracker and followed the steps to get it all set up with iFIP but for some reason only the GS is showing up on the GPS tab of iFIP and I can't seem to figure out why the Tracker is not showing as well. The GS is connected via bluetooth and shows no...
  3. manixFan

    Note to Featherweight GPS Tracker users

    At a recent launch I had great success with the Featherweight tracker system. I used it on 4 flights by mounting it in a 54mm nosecone that I just moved between rockets. However one issue I ran into involved using the iOS screen recording capability. I added the Screen Recording button to my...
  4. BackSeatBryce

    HAM Licence Required for Featherweight Tracker ?

    Hi RocketryForum, I've looked around a bit and haven't been able to find a clear answer. Does the Featherweight Tracker require a HAM license to operate? Thanks, Bryce