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  1. Fattbank64

    Sold Two LOC Precision Kits

    I'm selling some of the kits in the build pile mountain. One 4-inch EZI-65 is $102, including shipping. This kit is unopened. SOLD One 4-inch Goblin is $102, including shipping. This kit has been opened, but no parts are missing. SOLD The buyer should submit payment via PayPal Goods &...
  2. Starfire73

    LOC EZI-65 finished!

    I finished my EZI-65 and I'm very happy with the build and the look. I'm pretty much a LOC guy when it comes to mid-power and the EZI is my first real, high power - at least it's the one I built for my level 1 cert which should take place in a few weeks. I added an Aeropack 54 mm retainer...