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  1. mindiameter

    Sold Experimental Chemicals, Motors, Casting Sets - BALLS 31 Delivery

    All, Slowly exiting the hobby = reducing inventory. Items for delivery at BALLS 31. Remaining inventory posted on Yard Sale with shipping provided. CHEMICALS (2) x 1 gallon R45M Price: $100/ea (1) x 1 gallon R45HTLO Price: $80 (3) x 5 lbs AP 90 (reserved) Price: $50/ea 21 lbs AP 200...
  2. J

    Hybrid oxidiser system HELP?!?

    Hi everyone, First post on here so don't bite my head off if I say something completely stupid. The background to this thread is that I need some help with designing the oxidiser system in a hybrid rocket that myself and some other student friends of mine are making. I have dabbled in solid...
  3. A

    My first APCP rocket flight

    After years of making and flying sugar motors I managed to acquire ingredients for AP propellants and I also built a vacuum mixer. I started with small test motors and I was soon able to develop a 100mm diameter motor with 20kNs total impulse. This Saturday I made a first flight with this motor...