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  1. W

    Rocketry in Austria

    Hi, it's my first time posting something here or generally using a forum so I'm sorry If I made my thread wrong in anyway or an answer to this question has already been posted. Now to my question, are there any rocketry clubs or organisations in Austria? Or at least do you know any rules or...
  2. T

    European rocket parts shops

    Hi, I'm looking for any provider of rocketry parts/components in Europe (I live in Spain). I can't seem to find almost any, and the couple I found have some things, but I miss the variety you see on US shops. Right now I have discovered: - Wizard Rockets ( ) -...
  3. George Spanos

    Cesaroni Pro-X rocket motors are available again in Europe

    Euro Space Technology has brought back Cesaroni Pro-X rocketmotors to Europe. I have to notice that CTI Pro-X Family have CE approval from INERIS according to the Directives 2007/23/EC and 2013/29/EU. So it is considered as pyrotechnic article and category P2. If you want to import it in another...