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  1. A

    Estes Vapor 38mm MD on an I170

    I attended my last local launch for my L2 written exam and didn’t realize I could conduct my cert flight the same day so… I built this. From a partial Estes Vapor kit and some spare tube and hardware, it’s designed around a CTI 6-grain case. It’s lazily and heavily glassed tip to tip and top...
  2. emmah

    Build Thread: 38mm Min Diameter Fiberglass Estes Vapor, "City Pop"

    Back Story: Aesthetic Rockets and Drag Separations I've been enamored with Estes' Vapor rocket since I first saw it mentioned. It's over a meter tall, slender, and has those photogenic, long, triangular fins. The problem, for a long while, was that it was a Hobby Lobby exclusive, and there's...
  3. lowga

    Estes Vapor For Dual-Deploy

    Interested in hearing from anyone who might have constructed an Estes Vapor #7294 for dual-deploy recovery. I have an eye towards building one to allow for more practice with dual deploy at our club's field, which is currently low and mid-power only. I know I'll need to construct an AV bay, and...