estes shock cord

  1. Scott Chase

    Shock Cord Anhcor Flexibility Makes It Easy to Fit Many Tubes

    The shock cord and anchor are fire resistant. I used this set up on my BT-70 Dragon Rocket without a single failure. A nice feature of building this anchor is it can be flexed to fit any mid power rocket tube and it's really cheap to make. The anchor is installed 3 inches into the tube and glued...
  2. Scott Chase

    Fire Resistant Estes Elastic Shock Cords

    I've seen some posts about Estes shock cords burning thru after many launches. I fire proof my Estes elastic shock cords with Force Field FireGuard spray. I hang one up soak one side with the FireGuard. Then after it is completely dry I spray the other side and let it dry. Very good results take...