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  1. DocSeuss

    Wanted Estes Pro Series Impulse and Patriot Kits

    I am trying to collect all the Estes Pro Series I and II kits, new in box or with the hang tags. I've managed to get all of them except the Impulse and Patriot. I'm looking for the kits because I want to build them, and I really like Estes packaging, especially their old boxes. There's an...
  2. Spitfire222

    Estes Pro Series II Doorknob Build

    Hi everyone, I’m a recent BAR, and I’ve been expanding my new fleet over the last few months. So far, I’ve only launched small low power rockets in local parks, but I’m slowly moving my way up the chain of engine sizes with the hope of making it to a club launch sometime in the near future to...
  3. swatkat

    Sold Estes Pro Series Kits, Original, In package

    I've got one Ventris, one Argent and one Trajector, all mint, new in original packaging/box. Argent-$60 + actual shipping (US only) Ventris- $60 + actual shipping (US only) Trajector- $35 + actual shipping (US only) Paypal, I'll eat the fees on my for non- F&F. Will combine shipping, and take...