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  1. JERRYR708

    (1248)Estes Patriot M-104/ Overhaul

    The Patriot was my first rocket purchases as a BAR. when Walmart had Aisles full of Operation Freedom and X-Prize scale kits that rekindled my interest. My Patriot finally saw it's maiden flight on March 18, 2014 right after completion for a total of 8 flights on B6-4 and C6-5 engines. The last...
  2. Luzwingnut

    ESTES PATRIOT (#2056) Motor Upgrade

    NEED some ideas!! Seeking to UPGRADE a stock (and as yet UNBUILT) Estes Patriot to use BOTH the stock 18mm motors AND 24mm motors (bigger C's, D's, and maybe E's). a.) Have read that Estes rocket power recommendations are conservative. b.) Wish to LEARN the various techniques required for the...