estes ascender

  1. Scott Chase

    Estes Ascender F27R

    I had a Estes Ascender in the box for some time now. I finished the paint and graphics today. The VHT dries super fast here in Florida. The reason I put the F27R on the rocket is because it will never fly on anything less and it will never burn black powder. Aerotech all the way last launch of a...
  2. Scott Chase

    Sold Estes Ascender Kit New in the box never opended

    As far as I know there are no more Ascender kits on the market. Estes did discontinue the PSII Ascender. I'm asking $90.00 and you pay the shipping. If you are Just getting into Mid Power rockets I can tell you everything about the Ascender what works what doesn't. What motors to use and what...