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  1. R3verb

    Project Thunderbird Build

    Hi All! I'm pretty new to the forum and so I had already started this build when I joined but I figured better late than never. I'm currently working on an Estes Red Nova kit ( that I'm calling Project Thunderbird. It's named this as I'm going...
  2. JERRYR708

    Magician 808 Camera side mounted

    I tried something different this time by mounting the 808 camera sideways. The Magician was launched with a D12-5 engine on a 2 payload flight: Estes Altimeter and 808 camera. A previous flight with camera pointing down with less drag was 655 ft. With the camera mounted sideways, it added a lot...
  3. JERRYR708

    Estes Magician 808 Camera / Altimeter

    Estes Magician rocket flown 3 times at Lucerne dry lake ca. Payloads include #808 camera and Estes Altimeter Estes E9-6 and D12-5 engines were used to compare the flights. The ground camera used was a Canon PowerShot SX230 HS The last flight was at ROCStock on 13 June 2015