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  1. lowga

    A Tribute to Billy Gene "Mr. Bill" White

    For many Born Again Rocketeers, our love affair with model rocketry began in hobby shops in the 1960's and 70's. In Cleveland, TN that place was "The Hobby Mart" and it was located inside a brand new icon of mid-century architecture, "The Village Shopping Center." A forerunner of the giant...
  2. K'Tesh

    Found Decal/Fin Scans Of The Estes EAC Viper (0802)

    My EAC Viper (0802) was sent with a balsa nosecone, and a note that the decals were included in the welcome packet (that I didn't get because it was an ebay purchase). I've seen that scigs30's 2010 build came with a blow molded nosecone and peel-and-stick decals. Unfortunately, he didn't scan...