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  1. R

    Recovery device opened while motor still burning error

    So I'm pretty new to openrocket and i wanted to see if i coukd figure out by myself how to make a dual stage rocket but i keep getting this error: Any help is appreciated!!!
  2. A

    EggTimer Classic Rev D Beep Code Error

    Hello, I recently built an Eggtimer classic, and after getting it all assembled it gives the beep code of one high then one low beep, which should be a battery error. However, with the board configured for variable voltage, and a good 2s lipo that read 7.4v, I am confused on how the battery...
  3. INFX_TryHard

    Can't Edit anything in Open Rocket (95% sure this started after upgrading to Win 11

    Recently I updated to Windows 11 and I am mostly sure that once I did, I can't edit anything in OpenRocket. OpenRocket Launches fine and I am able to open all of my rocket files but whenever I double click a part or click the "edit" button, there is no popup. Due to this, I can't edit my...
  4. WheatleyOS

    Bug Report Copy - OpenRocket not opening

    I'm posting this here since the send bug report feature is just as broken as everything else. After trying to update Java JRE/JDK/SE (and also reverting to older versions) OpenRocket will no longer work. I tried downloading 8u241, both JRE and JDK, Java SE 11.0.6 (LTS), and, what I assume...
  5. turkkusuroket

    I need to help for error.

    Hi everyone. I build a rocket in Open Rocket. I have a problem when run simulation. I uptaded .org file and a picture that shown error message. What is the solution of the error? Thanks
  6. turkkusuroket

    High Speed Error

    When we do the simulation, it gives warning that the parachute is opened at high speed. However, the parachute opens at the apogee point where the velocity of the rocket is 0 m / s. When we examine the graph, we see that the velocity at the opening point of the parachute is -0.5 m / s. However...
  7. E

    Openrocket Export Data Error

    Hi, There is two stages for my rocket in openrocket. When i try to plot the data of stability margin calibers I got the "Unknown Bug" message screen. But I get an error for only one stage while exporting data. Is there any solution?