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  1. Brian Johnson

    Chemist Abdul Razzak on JB weld metal Motor mount epoxy

    I want to secure my motor mount in my project rocket. It has a Radio Frequency transmitter mounted in the cargo bay. I wanted to use the JB Weld original epoxy for the centering rings. The problem I think I'll have is interference from the metal that is in the JB Weld. Is there another epoxy...
  2. Seyhun Gültekin

    West System epoxy

    Hello everyone Does anyone use West System epoxy to bond metal with carbon fiber ? (West System 105 resin 205 hardener)
  3. J

    AT M 1350 DMS motor with an issue

    Hi Folks; I'm planning on making my L3 cert launch on Sat. June 1 at Northern Colorado Rocketry's Mile Hi Mayhem launch. I have the rocket ready and was preparing to prep the motor. The large DMS motors attach the forward bulkhead/closure by epoxying it into place in the front of the casing...
  4. W

    US Composites Epoxy

    I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on US Composite's epoxy for my Wildman Punisher 3 build. Mainly, I just want to know which resin and hardener I should get for fin fillets. The medium hardener seems to be the one recommended by US Composites, but then should I use the thick...
  5. TJohn

    Epoxy problems

    Newbie here... first post. I've accidentally spilled some epoxy into the metal tube that holds the altimeter board/sled for the Public Missiles Eclipse rocket. 1) How can I best remove the excess on the metal 2) How can I best fit the CoPilot V3 sled into the metal tube once it's cleared of...
  6. B

    Beyond glue fillets

    I’m starting to move from low-power to mid-power. I’m also trying to make my low-power rockets (mostly exotic space-themed) more professional. Lastly I want my scale models to look clean. Is Rocketpoxy too much for lpr and mpr fin fillets? Is there a step beyond wood glue or elmer’s I should...
  7. M

    Proline 4500 epoxy sources? What other epoxy do you use for fiberglass rockets?

    Hey All, I am wondering who has Proline 4500 Epoxy now a days, I loved it for fillets on my Darkstar 3.0". I see Wildman has it on the site and doesn't say anything about stock level/OOS. I can call/email this weekend too. Proline Rocketry has been OOS for months now. So I am not sure if they...