1. proflaser

    what brand spray paints are enamel or lacquer?

    I know that in painting a normal model rocket you don’t spray lacquer over enamel because it will burn the finish. But paint cans from most hardware/craft stores don’t always say what they are. I’m holding spray cans of Rustolium and Krylon and the words lacquer and enamel are not on the labels...
  2. RocketRoll

    Stumped: How to Stop Oil-Based Enamel From Yellowing

    My Estes Saturn V is all painted and ready for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 next year. I used Testors gloss white spray enamel and Testors gloss black and silver (bottle enamel). The decals in the kit are incredible. I wanted to clear coat it with Krylon UV-Resistant matte acrylic, but...