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  1. Frightening Man

    Horizontal electronics bay

    The usual electronics bay consists of a vertical slab with all kinds of sensors strapped to it. Question is, if I have a large enough ID, could I fit all electronics flat onto the bulkhead in one or maybe two layers? Would this increase the chance of the acceleration mess with the electronics...
  2. H

    Stratologger CF

    Hi, I am new to model rocketry and have purchased the Stratologger CF. It lists in the manual that for example you can deploy at 700 feet. But is that at 700 feet after apogee? Or is it 700 feet from the ground?
  3. SteveThatcher

    SMT Designs Electronic Bay Products Introduction

    Hello, my Name is Steve Thatcher and I am introducing a series of 3d printed parts for electronic bay designs. I live in the Seattle area and I am an electronics engineer by trade and a rocketeer since 1991. At this time, my products are more focused on mid and high power rocketry (I would...