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  1. Nacho

    Will ejection charge corrode electronics?

    Hi all, I was wondering, how bad is it to expose electronics to the fumes of the ejection charge (this would be for a C motor). Thanks! :)
  2. jahall4

    Shear pins on a 8" dia bird.

    I’ve been using this Ejection Charge and Shear Pin Calculator for my fiberglass projects and its recommendations have always been confirmed in ground testing. https://www.rimworld.com/nassarocketry/tools/chargecalc/index.html However, I’m working on an 8” dia project that may end up using #6...
  3. ArchitectOfSeven

    Ideal pyrodex charge?

    Hi all, I'm trying to set up some pyrodex ejection charges in 2ml centrifuge vials and want to know how well I should try to contain the powder. With the vial completely full (~1.8g), and sealed with quite a bit of masking tape it went off with a sound a lot like a gunshot in a preliminary...
  4. jahall4

    Using Pratt Ejection Canisters in L3 size rockets flying over 10K

    I have a fair amount of very successful experience using prat ejection canisters up to 5K. Anyone with experience using them over 10K?
  5. Gary Mac

    Pratt Ejection Canisters

    Have there been a lot of positive experiences with the Pratt Ejection Canisters? From reading online, they are reusable and used to trigger ejection charges without requiring or consuming a separate electric match (sounds like you pack them full of black powder, and they have a wire that gets...