ejection charge

  1. D

    Post Mortem on L2 CATO

    Hi all, I just got back from attempting my TRA L2 certification flight. I reused a previously built Apogee Zephyr with motor ejected parachute recovery that I used for my L1 certification and have flown with AeroTech H100 and I284. I attempted my flight with a J340M-14A with a 12-second...
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    2 gram ejection charge canisters
  3. T

    Orientation of the ejection charge for apogee deployment

    Hello fellow rocketeers, hope you are doing great. I was thinking about fitting my Eggtimer Apogee in the nose cone but then I realized the ejection charge should be oriented downwards, right? Then it would fire and push the parachute and the rest of the body downwards, and depending on how...
  4. ssnerwood

    Removing ejection charge from CTI K630 to enable use in Dual Deploy

    I would like to make a Dual Deployment flight but it looks like a lower cloud ceiling than the CTI L850 will allow for. Is there a special technique to allow removal of the ejection charge from a CTI 630 so that I may test my Dual Deployment configuration? Thanks.