1. tOD

    LiPo Batteries and Chargers for Eggtimer Products

    I've got two Apogees that are built and an Ion that is still in pieces. I haven't been doing any rocket stuff for about a year and can't locate the nifty charger for the 1s LiPo batteries for the Apogees(I think I got it from Cris) I'll be needing a larger battery for the Ion and was looking at...
  2. Crayok

    3D Printing EggTimer Receiver box

    Finished building most of the Back Friday sale order then had to build a field box for the rev B5 receiver along with GPS and Voice. Bluetooth can be there to but for the moment just double side tape it to the base. There is an SCAD file for modifications, I warn you though, the code needs...
  3. dvdsnyd

    Sold Unassembled Eggfinder Mini/Rx(Dongle)

    Hey Everyone, I have an unassembled Eggfinder mini, Rev A7 - older and an Eggfinder RXUSB dongle). Both sealed and unopened. These were my Dad's, he never got around to building them. Would like to sell together - Asking $65 total, including shipping to lower 48, paypal friends and family...
  4. A

    Interconnecting ground station software??

    Recently I ordered an Eggtimer Quark and the associated telemetry module as well as a USB Dongle receiver(also from eggtimer) I chose this receiver because the handheld receiver seemed a bit small for my needs and I would prefer that the data be sent to my laptop through the USB Reciever...
  5. Late Skies

    Use of an Eggfinder TX and Eggtimer Quantum in MD flight.

    Hello everyone! I'm currently a 4th year engineering student attempting my L2 certification flight soon on a MD 54mm rocket utilizing a Loki Research K960 (or K690, have yet to decide) motor. My plan is to use the Eggfinder TX and Quantum I purchased last year for telemetry but have a few...
  6. D

    Parts identification for Eggtime Ion Altimeter

    I'm starting assembly on the Ion, but I'm having trouble identifying the capacitors. It's supposed to have this: __ 3 .1 uF 1206 ceramic multilayer capacitor (brown) (not marked, but they;re in a PAPER carrier) But I don't see anything with a paper carrier and I can't identify anything...
  7. EPflyer

    Apogee Peregrine

    My latest high power rocket is the slightly modified Apogee Peregrine. I purchased the kit last summer with the intent of building it stock and using it for my L2 attempt. Later I decided I didn't want to build another 4" high power rocket with a 38 mm motor mount. I purchased the parts from...
  8. EPflyer

    Twitch, cool photo.

    Here is a great shot of my Madcow Twitch. The rocket was launched with an AT I180. The Eggtimer Apogee reported an altitude of 2937 feet. We lost sight of the rocket till the chute release deployed the main at 500 feet. It was a great flight even though I didn't see most of it!
  9. dvdsnyd

    Eggtimer altimeters for Tripoli altitude record attempt

    Hi all, I've got something cooking for an altitude record attempt for Tripoli. Looking into approved altimeters, I came across the following: 2.0 Rules and procedures 2.0.1 Flights less than 30,000 feet MSL: TRA flyers may use any commercially manufactured, barometer based altimeter for their...
  10. N

    Eggtimer Quantum - No continuity but deployment test fires.

    Ive got a strange issue with my latest Eggtimer Quantum. It’s my 3rd and not seen this problem on the previous two. FWIW I’ve prob built around 10 kits with no major issues on initial startup. It boots up ok and the WIFI Connects. But when I put a load on the deployment channels, I dont get...
  11. RalPh8

    Eggtimer GPS question

    I just finished building the “whole enchilada” Eggtimer starter pack. And I have to say I’m very impressed! What seemed intimidating in the beginning quickly became a rapid way to perfect my soldering skills and increase my confidence in building electronics! Thank you! I love the fact it gives...
  12. MGL


    I can not get results, followed the instructions but I must be doing something wrong. To get the passkey, connect a USB-Serial cable (the same cable that’s used with all Eggtimer Rocketry products) to the 3-pin header as follows: BLACK wire – GND WHITE wire – TX GREEN wire – not used Using...
  13. cerving

    The Famous Eggtimer Rocketry Holiday Sale - 2019

    It's that time of the year again, when Eggtimer fans of the past, present, and future take advantage of the joy of the holidays and save big bucks (which can be used to buy motors or "that" kit that you've been pining for). Since we don't like being haunted by spirits at 4:00 am in order to...
  14. dvdsnyd

    Sold Eggtimer TRS, Fully Built

    Hello, I have for sale a fully built Eggtimer TRS. $70, plus shipping, Paypal Friends and Family. Only flown once or twice - works well. This is the same price as a kit in the last year's Eggtimer holiday sale. Thanks, Dave
  15. cerving

    Ham and Eggs - Eggtimer TRS & LCD Now in 70cm Ham Version

    Eggtimer Rocketry is proud to announce the availability of our premier GPS tracking product, the Eggtimer TRS GPS transmitter/altimeter and the Eggfinder LCD receiver on the 70cm Ham band. This is our first Ham-only product, with some advantages over the non-licensed 900 mHz band products...
  16. Cameron Anderson

    Marsa33 with Eggtimer wi-fi switch

    Anyone have a wiring diagram they have used successfully with a Marsa33 and an eggtimer wi-fi switch? Looking to use two Marsa events for traditional dual-deploy and the other two for staging (sustainer motor ignition and separation charge, using the wi-fi switch for those events).
  17. cerving

    New Eggtimer Proton Firmware - 1.02N

    After several months of testing and in conjunction with our policy of continuous product improvement, we've now released a new version of the Eggtimer Proton firmware. It incorporates a number of enhancements and fixes, including: * You can now calibrate the accelerometer vertically while on...
  18. Gary Mac

    Flight Computers: Accelerometers vs Barometric Sensors

    I've got some experience with the basic eggtimer flight computer, which I understand is a barometric sensor based flight computer. I'm now working towards my L3 and needing to invest in a 2nd flight computer to meet the redundancy requirements. I've heard that for an L3-cert level flight...