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  1. briewillcox

    I500 L1 (name TBD)

    I kind of live by the idea of sending it way too hard and hoping it works out, so I figured I'd go for my L1 as my first rocket and first flight, with an I500. The rocket is all 54mm cardboard LOC tube and a plastic nosecone. It'll be carrying an Eggtimer Quantum and an Eggtimer TX. I'm gonna...
  2. J

    Eggtimer Help Needed!!

    Hi all, I have recently build an Eggfinder mini, rx and a Eggtimer Quantum. The Eggtimer Mini and Rx work like a charm but I can't seem to get the eggtimer Quantum to work at all. No beeps or anything. I'm somewhat new to soldering small componentry but all of the joints look good to me. Hoping...
  3. EPflyer

    LOC Deployer to 3250'

    Yesterday, I made the third flight of my LOC Deployer. The rocket has a 29mm motor mount in a 3" body tube. I am using an Eggtimer Quantum altimeter and the Eggfinder GPS in the nosecone. My intent was to get comfortable with the GPS tracker in a rocket that wouldnt go out of sight. The flight...
  4. Joe Bruce

    Advice needed on LOC Deployer ground testing

    I built a LOC Deployer (3" all-inclusive dual deploy kit) as a test vehicle for the EggTimer Quantum that I soldered, the MJG e-matches I dipped, and the charge wells I designed and printed in PETG. My real goal is full dual deployment on the LOC 5.5" Patriot I built as my NAR Level 2, but I...
  5. G

    Using Eggtimer Quantum to Stage Aerotech AP Motors

    Hi. I'm curious as to whether anyone has had success using an Eggtimer Quantum in airstage mode to stage an Aerotech AP motor. It appears that the 7.4V Lipo used by the Quantum is insufficiently powerful to fire the igniter included with the Aerotech F67's. Are there other battery options one...