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  1. M

    Another Eggfanatic Hatched

    This is the year I am modernizing my rocket tracking from beacon only to GPS. Will document my LDRS project here since the electronics will be the hero.
  2. tg08

    Road to L1

    It's official; I am starting construction of my L1 rocket! I'm quite excited, and couldn't wait until Christmas to start assembling my electronics. As this is the first time I used a GPS system, I had to get quite a few components from Eggtimer Rocketry. I had a good time soldering together the...
  3. tg08

    Dual Deploy Electronics

    Hello, just wanted to get a couple tips and tricks before my first dual deploy launch. Is there any tricks veterans use to ensure successful dual deploy launches? Specifically, my biggest concern is wires disconnecting from my EasyMini during flight. Thanks. Also, on an unrelated note, how hard...
  4. briewillcox

    I500 L1 (name TBD)

    I kind of live by the idea of sending it way too hard and hoping it works out, so I figured I'd go for my L1 as my first rocket and first flight, with an I500. The rocket is all 54mm cardboard LOC tube and a plastic nosecone. It'll be carrying an Eggtimer Quantum and an Eggtimer TX. I'm gonna...
  5. dvdsnyd

    Sold Unassembled Eggfinder Mini/Rx(Dongle)

    Hey Everyone, I have an unassembled Eggfinder mini, Rev A7 - older and an Eggfinder RXUSB dongle). Both sealed and unopened. These were my Dad's, he never got around to building them. Would like to sell together - Asking $65 total, including shipping to lower 48, paypal friends and family...
  6. R

    Help with eggfinder hand held tracker

    I recently bought a eggfinder hand held tracker, and have soldered all the parts on. It seemed fine till I tried to turn it on, and it did not come to life. If anyone could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciate, as I don’t fully know how to trouble shoot things like this.
  7. Late Skies

    Use of an Eggfinder TX and Eggtimer Quantum in MD flight.

    Hello everyone! I'm currently a 4th year engineering student attempting my L2 certification flight soon on a MD 54mm rocket utilizing a Loki Research K960 (or K690, have yet to decide) motor. My plan is to use the Eggfinder TX and Quantum I purchased last year for telemetry but have a few...
  8. EPflyer

    Apogee Peregrine

    My latest high power rocket is the slightly modified Apogee Peregrine. I purchased the kit last summer with the intent of building it stock and using it for my L2 attempt. Later I decided I didn't want to build another 4" high power rocket with a 38 mm motor mount. I purchased the parts from...
  9. N

    Eggtimer Quantum - No continuity but deployment test fires.

    Ive got a strange issue with my latest Eggtimer Quantum. It’s my 3rd and not seen this problem on the previous two. FWIW I’ve prob built around 10 kits with no major issues on initial startup. It boots up ok and the WIFI Connects. But when I put a load on the deployment channels, I dont get...
  10. lowga

    Eggfinder LCD Question

    I own a Eggtimer GPS system (900 MHz) that I purchased assembled from another rocketeer. The receiver is mounted in a case, and currently has version 1.09e of the firmware. Looks like I need to update that. The board is marked REV A2. I have no idea what the purpose of the daughter board below...
  11. Alan R

    What's your Eggfinder Rx battery life?

    Mostly curious about battery life for the 4xAA option, but if you use LiPo's I'd like to hear that too. Trying to decide if I want/need to go LiPo route on the receiver.
  12. cerving

    The Famous Eggtimer Rocketry Holiday Sale - 2019

    It's that time of the year again, when Eggtimer fans of the past, present, and future take advantage of the joy of the holidays and save big bucks (which can be used to buy motors or "that" kit that you've been pining for). Since we don't like being haunted by spirits at 4:00 am in order to...
  13. Tobor

    EggFinder Sleds

    In the past I have made my own plywood sleds, but for my LOC Goblin I want to try a 3D printed sled. The issue I have run into is that no one seems to make an EggFinder sled that will easily accept a 1000mAh LiPo pack. I even tried contacting one maker of sleds, about modding one of their stock...
  14. davdue

    Big Red Bee / Egg Finder Interference

    I am building a Wildman Dink for LDRS. It will be headend dual deploy with a EggFinder Quantum for the altimeter. I would like to put my Big Red Bee BRB900 tracker in with the Quantum. Does anyone have any experience with these two being together? Normally the tracker would go in the...
  15. Donnie

    First Eggfinder Build--SUCCESS!

    Built my first Eggfinder Mini and Eggfinder LCD over the last couple days, and thankfully it all worked first go! I say thankfully because I got into a little bit of trouble on the Mini's GPS module. I had the four resistor leads soldered in place to act as 'guides' for the GPS module, but a...
  16. Donnie

    Eggfinder Mini Shock Cord Mounting

    All-- Just ordered an Eggfinder Mini, and have been floating around some ideas about mounting it on a shock cord... This setup would be nice for some mid-power rockets that don't have a payload / ebay, and having it shock-cord mounted also makes it a snap to transfer between rockets (sharing...