eggfinder lcd

  1. SpaceX76

    Strange Behavior from EggFinder LCD LED

    I have been working on putting together an EggFinder system which is a very long story but I am finally getting everything together and working. I am using a Eggfinder TX with an LCD screen and everything is working fine. The TX transmits to the LCD accurate position and I can use it to track...
  2. Scott C

    Eggtimer Eggfinder LCD w/GPS Case

    Just making a post so those who don't have FB can find this design. This has definitely taken me a while to get to the point where I'm happy with it and it suites my needs. This is about as small as you can make it unless you only want a couple hours of battery life. Available to those who...
  3. B

    Eggfinder LCD 3D-printed Handle

    I recently designed a 3D-printed handle for my two Eggfinder LCD units (which were built using the standard Eggfinder LCD box). The handle can hold a 2000 mAh Turnigy Lipo battery and a power switch (there is also room for mounting a pushbutton on the handle, but I already had a pushbutton on...