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  1. R

    Rocketry Research Project - Q&A

    My name is Robert Kammermann and I am a Year 11 Student at Navigator College in Port Lincoln, Australia. As part of my Year 11, I am doing a Research Project on, "How is a High-Performance Model Rocket Built?”. Before I start my own build, I am interested in collecting Qualitative data from...
  2. J

    Model Rocketry Education Programs???

    Hello, I am a 13 year old who wants to get into model rocketry. I researched the regulations and learned that it is illegal for me to purchase or launch a model rocket unless I am in a "bona fide model rocketry education program". What does this mean? Is there an education program that I can...
  3. wyattjohnson35

    Best Place to Get Good Deal on Mid-Power Kits for High School Team?

    Hey all, I run a high school rocketry team called Atlas Rocketry that is focused on getting more teens interested in STEM through amateur rocketry. We're looking for places where we can get 12-15 mid-power rocket kits at an affordable price, or even donated. Before our team members start...
  4. STEMdad3

    Model Rockets @ the Illinois State Fair.

    Hey all, Here's some snapshots of the model rockets on display at day 2 of the State 4-H Show at the Illinois State Fair. Thought those involved with youth programs might enjoy the pictures. Somehow I missed getting a picture of a very well made Mean Machine.