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  1. kbRocket

    Three Electronics Bays

    I have spent some time evolving thoughts and designs for electronics bays. What I desire in an electronics bay is: RF transparent because I want to put telemetry broadcasting electronics inside the bay. This means no threaded rods the length of the bay that block RF. Maximum space for...
  2. Zeke Johnson

    Ebay with Metal Bulk Plates - Wildman

    I received an electronics bay from Wildman Rocketry. It is a very basic kit, 1 32mm fiberglass coupler and two bulk plates (See Pictures). I have never worked with metal bulk plates before. I was wondering if I could get some ideas on how to pass the electrical signal from my altimeter inside...
  3. lowga

    Ebay Score! Centuri Honest John

    Searching on ebay today using the search engine for "Centuri Rocketry" and a new listing popped up. A old Centuri mail order shipping box that looks to be an estate sale find for someone. Not much in the box except for two built rockets. The picture didn't give away much, but the shape was very...
  4. cwbullet

    Instant Rocket Dealer: BSD Rocketry

    It looks like BSD is for sale. I would love to start one. Oh well, 30K is out of my budget. Next..... As my wife said, move along, nothing to see here. eBay listing for BSD Rocketry
  5. T

    xx has anyone ever purchased potassium nitrate from this vendor on ebay

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