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  1. SuperNova-Rocketry

    Easy Mini Altimiter

    Hello, I'm using the Easy mini in one of my HPR projects as its able to get the job done. I was testing it and it says the altitude is 380 ish meters inside of my house when I am at 220 meters of elevation, I will test it again outside to see if it was just inside my house but the reason i'm...
  2. tg08

    Altus Metrum EasyMini Not Registering

    Hey, I need help with my Altus Metrum EasyMini Altimeter. As stated in the title, my EasyMini isn't able to be connected to in my device manager. It is in idle mode, with a power switch, e-match, and battery connected. When I try to configure the altimeter, it doesn't show up on the selector...
  3. L

    Issues with RRC2+ & Easy Mini

    My school team is launching our rocket this weekend and due to our negligence, we failed to pay attention to electronic configurations until today. Our original plan was to use the RRC2+ as our primary flight computer, EasyMini as backup flight computer, and Eggfinder TX mini as the GPS...
  4. TXJeff

    Faulty EasyMini?

    My brand new EasyMini: I watched the Apogee videos, connected everything and a test igniter. As soon as power is switched on it fired the igniter! So I bench checked it with my meter to confirm that both sides (main and apogee) are hot as soon as power is switched on. It connects to my laptop...
  5. B

    Installing sensors on EasyMini

    Hi everyone, me and my team are currently trying to build a rocket to take place in a tech competition. But we have few problems about the electronic part. Due to unavailable stocks of rocket cards we are only able to buy an EasyMini. We need the rocket to be in contact with us and tell its...
  6. KL2IE

    Unable to read configuration off of Altus Metrum EasyMini

    Hello All, I have a new EasyMini v3.0 dual deploy altimeter that I have been trying to read the configuration on and test. However, I can't seem to get AltOS read the altimeter even though it shows up in the menu. (See attached pictures.) For what it's worth, I'm running AltOS 1.9.12 which I...
  7. Alby

    Yard Sale of Altus Metrum Stuff (TeleMetrum, EasyMini TeleBT)

    I'm selling my flight computer gear, as personal finance issues have created a need for cash. As a result I've put my TeleMetrum, EasyMini, and TeleBT up for sale on eBay. The highest bidder wins. I will not accept "I'll Buy It For X" offers. Please put in your highest offer on eBay, as I...
  8. samtc

    Problem installing Mac OS Altus Metrum for Easy Mini

    I installed the Altus Mac software on my MacBook Pro running Catalina with no issues. When I launch Altus, it errors out asking for Java 6. I tried to install the AdoptOpenJDK project but an install error stated there was a later version running. Where to from here? I went to the Altus site...
  9. RalPh8

    Low power dual deploy

    I know it's been done before. I also know it's not ideal due to lack of body tube thickness. That said, is there a descent kit or at least one that is more recommendable than the others for low power dual deploy? Looking to use C or D. Not using JLCR. I only wanna use black powder. I...