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  1. Alan R

    DX3 - How does NC attach?

    Building a regular 2.6" cardboard Madcow DX3. Was following along the instructions, but there's nothing there about how you attach the nose cone. The DX3 has a payload section, the shock cord attaches to the bulkhead at the base of it. Nose cone in the top. But what do you do with the nosecone...
  2. pendrin2020

    L3 Cert build for AirFest ... DX3 XL

    So back in April, I put up a gofundme, and after some really awesome friends and relatives threw in some cash, I picked up a Madcow DX3 XL for my birthday. The intention is to get my L3 at Airfest this year. Because of my internship this summer, a couple of NASA projects, and some medical...