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  1. Gary Mac

    Wanted Dual Deployment Altimeter

    I'm looking to buy a dual deployment altimeter. In particular, I'd love to try out a Perfect Flight Stratologger CF or RRC2+ (opinions are welcome too if you have them on those systems!) since it has such a small footprint, but I'd be interested in other systems if others have them for sale as...
  2. Ryaer

    Subsonic G-I rocket

    Hello, this is my first time posting, please inform me if this is the wrong place. I'm working on building my first scratch built rocket, and I have a few questions. Firstly, I'm building motors for it. I'm very aware of the dangers of this and treat those motors like nitro. Anyways, I'm putting...
  3. JDcluster

    SOLD Adept 22 Never flown

    I found a an Adept never flown in my stash. Looking to unload it... $35.00 plus shipping.
  4. nickrulercreator

    Dual Deployment Without Ejections

    Hello! The other day I posted on here about an issue with my Hyperloc835. This issue has been fixed, thanks everyone that helped (and thank you, Loc Precision). I now have another question. I'm considering changing how my dual deployment is done. The instructions call for the drogue chute to go...
  5. Gary Mac

    Flight Computers: Accelerometers vs Barometric Sensors

    I've got some experience with the basic eggtimer flight computer, which I understand is a barometric sensor based flight computer. I'm now working towards my L3 and needing to invest in a 2nd flight computer to meet the redundancy requirements. I've heard that for an L3-cert level flight...
  6. tOD

    Newbie needs help

    I would appreciate some guidance on assembling an Aerotech 38mm motor. I'm still pretty new at rocketry and haven't built one before (I did build one of their "loadable" motors) I have a 38/360 case and the adaptor kit. I want to load the H130W propellant for an L1 attempt. I think I'm OK...