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  1. Jacob Jackson

    Single-sep dual deploy concept

    I was looking into different dual-deploy concepts and am wondering if anyone has thoughts. I noticed on single-sep dual deploy concepts (the avionics stay in the same airframe/ only one separation event) that I haven't seen anyone keep their main parachute inside the rocket after drogue deploy...
  2. C

    New Method for Parachute Deployment? Deployment by Rocket Extraction

    I am a member of a newly founded rocketry team in my University. We are very excited to build our first rocket, however, we have no prior knowledge. Upon investigating different methods for Dual Deployment Systems, Theo W. Knacke in his book "Parachute Recovery System Design Manual" mentions a...
  3. ismetkocabas

    ARRD working mechanism

    Hi, I hope everyone is well. We want to use ARRD in our rocket. But there is a point we don't understand in a working mechanism. Before we buy it, we need to understand the system. The key point is the connection. How it is connected to the body. What is the function of ball bearing? Is it just...
  4. C

    Dual Deploy from a Single Compartment Questions

    Hey everyone, I'm the project lead for the CU SRL's Obsidian rocket and for our flight we will be using a dual deploy system from a single compartment. We have some design problems that we are currently trying to figure out and are hoping y'all could give some thoughts/tips. To give some...
  5. garlicsnapper

    Redundant Dual-Deployment Ejection Charges

    I have a rocket that I will be recovering 100% on electronics with no motor deployment whatsoever. I do have both primary and secondary dual-deployment altimeters employed for this project. It has been ground tested, so the proper amount of black powder is known and confirmed. Now I’m...
  6. Ryaer

    Subsonic G-I rocket

    Hello, this is my first time posting, please inform me if this is the wrong place. I'm working on building my first scratch built rocket, and I have a few questions. Firstly, I'm building motors for it. I'm very aware of the dangers of this and treat those motors like nitro. Anyways, I'm putting...
  7. JDcluster

    Sold Adept 22 Never flown

    I found a an Adept never flown in my stash. Looking to unload it... $35.00 plus shipping.
  8. nickrulercreator

    Dual Deployment Without Ejections

    Hello! The other day I posted on here about an issue with my Hyperloc835. This issue has been fixed, thanks everyone that helped (and thank you, Loc Precision). I now have another question. I'm considering changing how my dual deployment is done. The instructions call for the drogue chute to go...
  9. Gary Mac

    Flight Computers: Accelerometers vs Barometric Sensors

    I've got some experience with the basic eggtimer flight computer, which I understand is a barometric sensor based flight computer. I'm now working towards my L3 and needing to invest in a 2nd flight computer to meet the redundancy requirements. I've heard that for an L3-cert level flight...
  10. tOD

    Newbie needs help

    I would appreciate some guidance on assembling an Aerotech 38mm motor. I'm still pretty new at rocketry and haven't built one before (I did build one of their "loadable" motors) I have a 38/360 case and the adaptor kit. I want to load the H130W propellant for an L1 attempt. I think I'm OK...