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  1. Samygiy

    Dual Deployment Flight Computer w. Break wire support

    Hi all! I recently had an issue with an Eggtimer Quasar detecting a launch while still on the pad (probably not it's fault, it was abused quite a bit during the integration procedure). I'm looking for a flight computer that supports breakwire launch detect, however the ones I've been...
  2. Velocity Aerospace

    Genesis II scratch build

    So I attempted my L1 cert flight back in January, but it didn't go that well. Here's a link to my flight report thread if you're interested: https://www.rocketryforum.com/threads/tis-but-a-scratch.177191/ . But I am back in the saddle with my next rocket, the little brother to Genesis, Genesis...
  3. JDcluster

    Sold G-Wiz LCX w/ D/L cable

    This a G-Wiz LCX ( can't remember if it has flown or not) Found it while looking for other items. This unit is capable of dual deployment and air-start/ stage on third channel. It has the download dongle, cable and software. It also comes with battery clips and jumper pins. PRICE lowered...