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  1. eldugul000

    Drogue Shock Cord Length

    I am designing a 1 mile 1 pound rocket with my school rocket class but I am unsure of how long to make our shock cords. Should the drogue cord be 3x the length of the overall rocket length or just the drogue section of the rocket, or some other length?
  2. R

    Utilizing a Drogue and Main without dual-deploy for JrHPR

    Hi, bit of a newb here. I'm working towards getting my Junior HPR certification here and I'm working on designing my certification rocket. As part of the regulations I'm not allowed to used a dual deployment system, but I still want to use a drogue/main pair so I don't have to walk miles to...
  3. R

    Side Hatch Deployment for Drogue

    I've been developing side deployment hatches to help get rockets down quickly for a couple years. I use small parachutes (9") and deploy from 2 hatches at the aft end. So, the rocket comes down nose first with the small parachutes trailing the rocket. The descent is a lot more "orderly" than...