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  1. dvdsnyd

    GPS DriftCast (GPS Drift 2.0) Vastly improved landing location prediction based on winds aloft forecasts

    Alright, If any of you have followed or seen GPS Drift, an excel spreadsheet that helps you predict the landing location of your model and high power rockets. I wrote it back in 2021. @MarsLander recently reached out about a weathercock addition to the sheet. This was added and released -...
  2. Dan Kusmer

    OpenRocket simulation drifts far when wind is 0 mph?

    I set the average windspeed to 0 mph. The simulation has the apogee at 4531 ft where the ejection charge fires. The ascent is near vertical. I delay chute decent deployment until 500 ft (Jolly Logic). The simulation has the rocket landing 6265 ft away from the launch site in 97 seconds after...