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  1. H

    Number of Rivets?

    I've built a couple rockets with others, but never the rivets. Now that I'm building a rocket on my own, I realize I don't know how to choose a number of rivets. It seems to me that 3 or 4 rivets is a common number, but I don't know if the right number varies between rockets. Thinking logically...
  2. H

    Parachute drag coefficient on openrocket

    Hey folks! l am a student freshman level at university. l am planning to build HPR and have a problem. l want to use Dacron polyester material for my parachute. l am not sure whether Cd is correct on openrocket software or not. As Nasa resources, ıt would be 1.75. But as openrocket software ...
  3. Bill Hanson

    How to calculate increased drag due to spin

    Hi all, I'm working up for my L3, which is going to be a fiberglass Madcow DX3 XL (black Friday special), with (tentatively) an M1350 motor. Going with the KISS principle, I'm planning to do it "stock" with the addition of a thrust plate. My problem is keeping the thing within our altitude...