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  1. jbturner24

    Sold Trailing Edge Technologies 'Estate' sale (DFW Area)

    Hello all, Some of you may have known my mom & dad, James (Jim) & Sharon Turner who lived in the DFW area. My father passed away 20+ years ago and we recently lost my mom to cancer. My parents ran a rocketry supply business (Trailing Edge Technologies) consisting of Aerotech, Dr. Rocket...
  2. jd2cylman

    "Laser" etching cases, or what to do with a scrap 54/2560...

    I wish I had Dr Evil's finger quotes, but oh well... So when your coworker has a 80 Watt laser and is looking for ways to have it earn it's keep, you offer suggestions... I trashed my beloved 54/2560 case that was etched by Dr Rocket himself. So in order to maybe help other people out, I gave my...