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  1. manixFan

    Sold 98mm and 75mm AT/Dr. Rocket cases for delivery to BALLS (2023)

    Offered here are a variety of 75mm and 98mm motor cases for delivery at BALLS (9/22-9/24, 2023). All these cases and hardware are basically 'new old stock', in spite of their age, they are unfired. Some of the cases have mild 'handling marks', as might be expected of a 20 year+ old case. But...
  2. RocketflierVB

    Sold AT 29/60-120 set and Dr. Rocket 29/120 & 60 set (All SOLD)

    For Sale: Aerotech 29/60-120 set (Selling as a Set) was $130 now $120 (SOLD) Dr. Rocket 29/120 complete motor and a 29/60 case only (as a Set) $75 (SOLD)