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  1. tollyman

    Lets Talk About Parachutes

    The purpose that I am making this post is to have a discussion about all things parachutes and recovery. Although I do have a few particular questions and want to hear others opinions, I want there to be a place where alot of this information can be found in one spot. Im sure there are other...
  2. S

    Non rocketry...

    Hey guys. I just found this forum while searching for DIYers having a kitchen renovation, and this forum is really entertaining. I followed some thread about their different kinds of stuff. I'm kinda curious if anyone here has been doing a kitchen renovation that is still on progress. Just need...
  3. Curtis Enlow

    Modded Harbor Freight Field Cart Build

    Hey all, I needed a cart for my work that I could fold up and easily carry in my little Scion xB. So I built I built a removable table & legs and modded a $69 Harbor Freight 2-in-1 convertible hand truck. It could easily be used as a field cart, though you might want to consider more ground...
  4. M

    Fuel grain geometry

    Hey guys, I'm currently into building my own motors and was wondering if anyone else out there currently uses star grains? I currently use a bates grain configuration (basically multiple toilet paper roll shapes stacked together with a slight gap between each) but I end up taking a long time to...