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  1. Arfang

    Aerotech SU motors dimensions wanted

    Good day everyone, I'm currently designing parts for two MPR/HPR projects and I'm wondering if anyone could provide me with dimensions for Aerotech SU motors. I understand that a 29x124 motor has a 29 mm casing diameter and a 124 mm overall length, but what about the nozzle diameter and length...
  2. F15-8


    What do the dimensions 17" x 3.5" x 3.5" mean when describing a model rocket? I'm new and have no idea what it means please help.
  3. jrkennedy2

    Pro38 Delay/Eject Module dimensions?

    Does anyone have the Pro38 Delay/Eject Module dimensions handy? I was wondering the charge well dimensions specifically. I searched 'cause I'm pretty sure they are out here somewhere but was unsuccessful. Thanks!
  4. cwbullet

    Altimeter: Mounting Dimensions

    What does everyone think of a sticky with mounting dimensions for the various altimeters out there? I saw one for the raven. I am sure there are more available.