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  1. L

    Sold ChuckH's Performance Rocketry Mongoose 98!

    SOLD Hello, rocketeers. I'm selling the built carbon fiber Mongoose 98 I bought from ChuckH back in 2019. Here is the original sale thread with even more pic's: [Mongoose 98 original sale listing]. A lot has happened since 2019, and this rocket has spent all of that time on my office wall...
  2. T

    Diameter difference between Body Tube ID and MMT OD

    Hello fellow rocketeers, hope you are doing well. As I kept designing my future rocket, one doubt came into my mind when looking at my BT and MMT. First of all, my BT is 1,968" OD and 1,85" ID; my MMT is 1,574" OD and 1,496" (38mm) ID. The thing is, there is only left 1 3/8 or 1,377" (3,5 mm)...
  3. T

    Adapt a Cardboard BT to use it as a Coupler

    Hi fellow rocketeers, I hope you're doing great out there. I'm having trouble finding different sizes of cardboard tubes to use them as BT but I have found some. The problem comes when, because of the limited variety of diameters, I can't buy cardboard tubes that fit neatly into the BT and serve...
  4. Mr G

    Where is your HPR sweet spot?

    What diameter rockets and motors do you prefer or fly most often? Choose what comes closest from the available choices. Select all that apply. Feel free to explain and add other preferences (e.g., cardboard vs fiberglass, DMS vs RMS, single vs dual deploy, etc) in your post.
  5. OverTheTop

    Core Diameter of a CTI M2020?

    I am currently pondering some ignition for a sustainer running a CTI M2020 motor. Would somebody please measure the core diameter (at the top end, if it matters) for me? I will let you in on what I am thinking when my ideas are a little less nebulous and a little more on CAD. Thanks :)