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  1. cbwho

    Rocket design in this century :)

    Is there any formulas for wing area vs rocket length? I what to build a customer rocket. I know I have to have the center of gravity higher than the center of pressure. If the fins are too small, not enough pressure (CP too high), weight distribution wrong, then may need to put clay in cone. I'm...
  2. Y

    Nose Cone Drawing

    I need to draw a nose cone using solidworks but I couldn't draw, can you help? power series ,parabolic series or haack series. I need one of these three. please help me
  3. etsakimoto

    Ring Tail Issues in RockSim

    I picked up a couple of parts from a free parts bin at my local launch, and want to build a ring tail rocket with them. My current plan has a 4 inch body tube and a 5 inch ring tail that is 1 inch long. However, I am dubious of RockSim's accuracy on the matter. Adding a ring tail to the rocket...
  4. Novationx

    Software To Design Chutes

    Hello. We're making a model rocket for a contest and we were looking a 3D chute design software. Is there any you can recommend? Thanking you in advance.
  5. Co-leader of the LRP

    My Design Thread

    Hello! This is a thread where I'll be posting my designs for rockets, some which may eventually get built. Please feel free to make any sort of comments on my designs, i would appreciate the input. Also, this thread is inspired by neil_w's half-baked design thread
  6. rocketsharma

    Card Model design

    I am a total beginner to designing models, though I've built ones which are readily available online. Therefore, if someone here could point me in the right direction as to how I can start designing rockets and spacecraft for making card models, I'd be very grateful. I have no idea on how to...
  7. Nacho

    Cormoran MK1, my firts rocket and design.

    Hi, Today I would like to share with you my first ever rocket: Cormoran MK1 Specs: Length: 370mm Body diameter: 32mm Propulsion: C6-3 Mass with motors:124g Expected apogee: 150m (~495ft) Build material: PLA About it: I have been interested in rocketry for a long time. For one reason or...
  8. Interstellar

    Tips and Guidelines for Aerodynamic Stability?

    I've been designing a simple one stage rocket with OpenRocket, which allows the user to design and simulate their designs. I was always told that a general rule of thumb for a rockets stability is that the center of gravity should be 1-2 calibers above the center of pressure. With this rule...
  9. cwbullet

    3D design contest.

    I am hosting a 3D design and printing contest. I would like to see the product utilized and not just a concept. What should the rules be? Rules: It must be your design and not off thingverse etc. Not just a concept. Show utilization or flight. Post an image with the part, rocket, jig being...