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  1. Wrightme43

    Miah's Der Red Max

    Miah picked out a Cherokee E at Hobby Lobby, when we opened it Monday night, the body tube was crushed. Estes is sending a new tube. Miah claimed my red max, which is cool, because I wasn't in love with it anyway. Lol We got the motor mount made, and the fins marked. The kitten has made off...
  2. Gunstar

    BT-80 Der Red Max Nose Cone - 3D printer file found

    For those of you wanting to make a BT-80 der Red Max, there is a file on thiniverse to print the nosecone. You will need to scale the print up 158.82% to resize it from BT-60 to BT-80. I haven't tested this yet, but thought some of you would like to...