1. Philip Tiberius D.

    Line Cutter…

    I have a Prairie Twister that doesn’t seem to “cut it” (sorry for that) but seriously I can’t get it to cut a zip tie even when I pack it full of 4F powder. I’ve thought of milling one end to something of an edge as both sides are blunt. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance. Philip
  2. M

    Openrocket Payload Deployment

    Hi, I want to deploy both nose cone and payload together at apogee in openrocket. I couldn't even figure it out how to deploy payload. There is a parachute in the nose cone section but when I open it, the mass of the rocket doesn't change, so the payload stays in the rocket. Is openrocket able...
  3. Sean Witte

    Non-Pyro Ejection

    Hey everyone, I am in a situation where I want to use electronic deployment of a drogue chute at apogee then two main chutes at a lower altitude. There is also no engine with an ejection charge in this section of the rocket because the booster is separated after its burn. The problem here...